Clad me….

//Clad me….

Clad me….

Clad me with the precious jewels
rings, bracelets, necklace and bells
in my fingers and in my toes
in my bun and in my bows

let me shrink and be all loaded
with branded beads all minutely coded
let the shimmer grip my shine
let a metal all dipped in wine

I feel attached to my farewell gift
it’s my new partners bonded mist
in the showers of love and prayers
life glittering with exciting list….

This poetic representation is a review of the quick click, covering the whole sets, displayed for a thought. Every getting married pairs delight is exhibited through the selection of jewellery.

APAC most generously exerts to capture all such interrelated sights which interwoven to go into making the event of marriage a great success.

APAC team is a thought driven institute. The team conveys it’s passion through its work. They pick and pack at the spour of the moment to instill complete liveliness. The pictures are most welcome since they are not the usual kind and common.

The acknowledgement of the team is evident from the remarks of renowned celebrities and personalities who have actually solemnised the art gallery sites.

The below shown clip is representative of the team spirit during wedding events. To know what’s the discussion all about let’s meet next week. See you and till then, take good care.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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