Colours Of Life

//Colours Of Life

Colours Of Life

The rainbow of life
My beloved as my wife
Complete the windy band
Swinging the curled hands

Life eared with colours
Beauty in eyes of lovers
Keeping pace with the breeze
I hold on the colours to freeze.

I compel to withstand
The tangles of love and care
In nature I owe before the lighted wands
To reach the striking hearts raised bands.

This poetic review of the above APAC click is a replica of the exotic capture.

APAC institute has been rigorously making meticulous efforts to match with the instincts of the aspirants.

Through various daily and weekly competitions based on varied parameters.

The strenuous efforts of both the proprietors and their team we can envisage the passion of photography grow manifold.

After nature’s praise we are now attracted to this beautiful monument shown below representing a union. Let’s catch up next week to know more about its significance.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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