Zhumkas banging her pressed cheeks
on swinging the mischievous slides
and matching with the sharp almond eyes
to buckle the liplock as it so freely flies.

So unawares she steals the glossy show
to make her mark on the red carpet aglow
the mystic velvet ready to smear as roses
the designed palms twisted to show poses.

The ding dong, adds to the bold trickery
she mingles with all as the hickory dickory
she is smart to encash all the attention
she spoke it all without a word to mention.

This is a poetic collapse of the vibrant photograph so thoughtfully and timely managed by an APAC photographer. That’s the real spirit behind APAC Photography. Let me explain some more….

Expecting exceptionally unusual sight is the mindset that drives closer to the perfect click. The creative thought process behind, the first and the last click, as we call it here at APAC is finally the very absolute one.

The extent of the thought could range from the impact of day 1 of the wedding event to day 7 in some cases. The screening that goes in mapping the minutest details of the originality with all of its technoform adds magic to the game.

Capturing the weeping bride, mehendi smeared hands, the yellow clad bridegroom, the sacred fire rounds, the family hierarchy, the couple on stage are all usual sequences of this move. But APAC dreams larger than it all. The clicks are few and new. They as unimaginable, unnoticeable and unexpected one time glimpses swiftly and intellectually grabbed for a lifetime nostalgia.

Saluting to this superbly unique endeavour I flash before you yet another natural pic depicting a wait for arrival of life’s new colours in near and distant future.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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