All Set For Your Trust

//All Set For Your Trust

All Set For Your Trust

I am all set from within me

and I gaze into your eyes

to search for all offerings

reassuring permanence.


more beyond the world, this

to happen for a cause so real

to find us forever in love, I gaze

again to find my hearts wish.


The crescent moon on head 

align with my heart chakra for

the red temples in my eyes

to glow my sleepless nights. 


There we are at the threshold

expecting extraordinary bliss

from each other and more

and more and more of just trust.

This poetic representation is an explanation of the artistic persuit of Artographic Photography by APAC.

Artography is the brain child of APAC. and certitfied by Late Senior Advocate Mr.Adhikji Shirodkar in his words “You tossed the coin of Artography ”                     

APAC ie. Art Photography Adventure Craft.

It’s beginning extends back to 2011 and is founded by Shri. Vinayak Puranik and Smt. Archana Deshpande Joshi. 


These thoughtful personalities plunged in to float a unique idea of Artistic photography ie. Artography. The act of binding moments into treasure with originality of utmost kind in true essence of photography is observed by APAC. 


The credit of this innovative concept and the terminology of Artography completely goes to there team work.

The institute observes strict values and complete professional approach. It not only values it’s esteemed customers but also preserves relations for years. It functions to cover all coverable occasions especially marriages and is thus a world acclaimed wedding photography institute.


We are obliged to have you as our family. What is your opinion about APAC?  Do share with us on our email address. It will inspire us. 

The below click of APAC is sure to make you curious of the choice of the bride. Let’s meet next Friday to know her final selection. Till then have a good week ahead.


Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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