That one, No! that one

//That one, No! that one

That one, No! that one

Let me see that coloured one
Let me have some jumbled fun
Blues and yellows, greens and reds,
matching with my beaded bun.

Will that glitter with some glow?
Is it a material so ready to flow?
Will this colour scheme best blend?
Oh! So to wounder, and mind to blow.

the drape selection is yet another
small celebration for all to gather
I am busy colouring shades of life
but gloom settles on face of my father.

all eyes on me to smile in delight.
wandering about my fussy fight
the rainbow row cast a shadow on me
and lights mingled my hopes so bright.

This poetic representation is APAC”s earnest attempt to participate in all rituals of the wedding event as a family member.


APAC aims to focus on events and activities of a wedding session. We document the events and rituals through out the wedding. Not only that we initiate to evoke nostalgia. Making it a memorable chronicle of life.

We understand that there is a tremendous change in the photographic needs of people. As of now people have started thinking away from directive principles of posing a photo; they want to explore spontaneous candid photography.
Following the requirements of people, we at APAC make the whole session, a wedding, a birthday, an inauguration, house warning, camp sites, parties, adventure trips etc…a precious memory.

Our camera lenses capture facial expressions that make an image lively, multiple times the original. We believe that expression that exite us to capture may invoke excitement on others too.

Indeed just like the exciting necklace held below. Will storyline on it next Friday. Lets. catch up then.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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