Lush green bands

//Lush green bands

Lush green bands

The coloured red palms
and the lush green bands
Decorated to celebrate
The ceremonial hands

The colonial tasks
The magical flasks
The golden robe and
The floral masks

The challenge galores
The music uproars
The curtains apart
And The past departs.

APAC weaves dreams into fixed realities. The intimacy, relationships, ties, bondages, expectations and all such much more get entangled in the effort of the team. The much expected record stands uniquely outstanding in its virtue.

The dreams of the team also get woven with the dreams of the family.

One such dream, welcoming the beloved, the prin e charming of her life with hands full of tender love is depicted from the clip below.
How she finally tendered her gesture. Let’s reveal next Friday. Till then stay tuned. Stay safe and Take care.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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