Team deal…….

//Team deal…….

Team deal…….

A reason to mingle in the shine
sharing ideas and glasses of wine
to tell her stories of then and when
to note the inches on paper and pen

Crancy Aunty too spurs the rule
Uncle all sweating in heated June
cousins blowing noises in corridors
gathered all tiny niece to my adore

the union burst in sparkles of ideas
when the shamianas glow with stars
the gathered crowd in making noises
and even the elders burst out like kids

The union is more of a panic galore
but everyone seems moved in more
they work with zeal as their sworn
they swing in memory of their own.

APAC in itself is a complete package. The team energises out of leadership of two skilled hands. The team arranges, teaches and organises.

When it comes to the sensitive event of marriage it’s more than particular. The team is confident of its moves especially because it knows all the inputs behind each activity of the event. The team nit only gives memories but advises and even at times arranges for the needful for most appropriate memory.

One needs to actually be a part of this complete task to take a true essence of the efforts the team pours in to make each dream a reality.

The below click is yet another Apacs endeavour. It represents collective celebration in coloured palms and loaded hands. The grandeur and the thrill associated with it is endless. Will share more next week. Stay safe.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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