Extracting solace
through clear eyes
selecting you as mine
makes me feel so wise.

the galore of flowers
in the spread around
holds me amazed
keeps me bound

the sparkle on me
like the third eye
sheltering all of me
watching like a spy

I know, you know
that I am and you are
no wonders for space
no reasons yet so far.

This is exactly how the feelings of a would be bride shuttles from Zenith’s to depths. This is a suble yet sublime captivity established so memorable as history by APAC.

Apac has nursed resistably hard to sustain the credibility of the position it has junctured in the last 9 years. This stature could not have been a possibility without the orientation gained through the specialised form of delivery.

Thus, the antique way of captivation especially designed exclusively by us is worth appreciation. This style commensurates appropriately with the wedding design.

The weddings represent an inherent part of our social system. This social institution being social and personal in nature provides ample scope for creating history.

This understanding is sensibly encashed by our team.

No doubt, what you just saw below is a naughty behaviour. Let’s make it more entertaining in our next text. Till then, stay tuned.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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