Sutra of Good Fortune

//Sutra of Good Fortune

Sutra of Good Fortune

Ceremonial strings of
Gold and black beads
Covering thy neck and
Embracing good deeds.

Strong to firmly bind
Tender eternal ties
Sacred as a ritual
On thy body as it lies.

Wowen with dreams
handled with care
An emotional regime
A new new love affair

Symbol of secured prestige
Touching thy promised heart
To Walk towards the horizon
And Never to ever depart.
This is an artistic representation of the sacred chain called the Mangalsutra, so appropriately captured by APAC at one of the wedding events.
Predominantly emphasises on wedding events which lasts right from even half day to two to five days span to ensure physical presence at the critical moments that necessitate records.

Though other all type of functions and events are also in the agenda of Apac, Wedding Artography is our passion.

We are concerned for our customers and that is evident from our personalised involvement and attention we render at wedding occasions including haldi, mehendi, sangeet, shadi, bidai and reception.

Few of the most precious and memorable days in the life of every individual is the wedding ceremony and Apac blesses with all its efforts and sentiments to grace it with success and longetivity.
One such accomplished catch is the photo affixed below. What is the story emiting from her sea deep eyes and her glorifying tika. Stay tuned till next week for some more exciting content made especially for you.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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