The monument of union

//The monument of union

The monument of union

As you walk down the aisle
Every faces shall wear a smile
But our four eyes shall fight
To hold back the tears

In between the moments
Of emotions and pride
Thoughts of joy you gifted knocks for a while
Which made our lives meaningful and agile

Now you go with your beloved
Know that you are very much a part of our life
A new beginning welcomes you
To prepare for a new journey Full of hopes and dreams

Though we let you go
You are always
A part of our lives

This poetic spell is the description of the token of love displayed at weddings, representing marriage.

Similarly APAC has been emphasizing on capturing delicate glimpses of this auspicious event of life.
Apac’s strength is it’s unconditional devotion towards photography and the main mission being the typical art of hitting the right moment and that too in just a single click. That’s indeed creditably unique.

The collection of glitter for the solemnised moment is evident from the below click. Especially it covers the full range. Let’s know it’s story in the forthcoming blog. Till then stay healthy, stay safe.

Story line.- Meenakshi Patil. Nagpur

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